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Sunday, 25 November 2007

A whole 2 months have passed....

I cannot believe its been that long since I last posted.
I was running out of things to say about this diet that I hadn't already mentioned, but the truth be told as far as the Cambridge Diet goes, its been relatively uneventful of late, apart from of course the continuing weight loss.

Having now completed 24 weeks of sole sourcing I have lost a massive 10st 13lbs and 161/2inches from my waist alone.

I have been working with a friend of mine for the past 8 weekk renovating a house which has not only provided some good physical exercise but has also giving us some money for the fast approaching Christmas period.

I have changed in appearance quite dramatically and this was confirmed last night by friends and family at my Nan's 75th birthday. For all the praise I received I still felt embarrased to reveal my weight and especially the amount I have lost. I guess I'm still very ashamed of what I was and although I have changed physically, it'll take some time for me to change mentally.

I am continuing with the coaching of my local under12's football side and am actually participating in small sided games and even jogging around the pitch. I cannot remember the last time I jogged!! Life is getting better all the time and I my list of yhings I want to do/achieve grow daily.

Through all these changes my Cambridge Diet Counsellor has been a tower of strength and our weekly chats/meets have kept me focused and determined to finish this journey. I recommend anyone in the Barking/Dagenham area to get in touch with her should you decide to embark on this diet. She will certainly make the journey more bareable.

I'm just off to take some new pictures which I'll add to my slide. I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


I have lost another 12.5lbs since my last post.

Thats a total of 107lbs in 17 weeks. I am feeling the effects of Cd and have been suffering from light headednes and dizzy spells especially when getting up from a lying position. I took blood pressure which was a little low 105/56. I'll be making an appointment with my GP to get the once over. I'm sure its totAlly CD related as many other dieters have experienced such symptons. I'm desperate to lose another 7 stones on the cambridge diet and reaLLY do need the support of my doc. I have to continue. Hopefully I'll see her by Monday and will post when I know more!!

Everything else in my life is going well at the mo. I'm wearing 501's for the first time in a decade and continually receive comments such as 'Your getting taller' and 'you've done some weight'. I love the positive remarks and feel on cloud nine when I get them - it makes a huge change from the derogatory comments I used to receive!!

Although I am relatively active I hadn't mentioned in any previous post I am currently unemployed. I just did not have the confidence or fitness to work. I am not lazy and have not claimed any benefits from the governement. I feel there's a stigma attached with that and one which makes me quite uncomfortable. I do not claim any disability benefit either, even though before I started my diet I was elegible for it. I have financed myself with proceeds from a business I had a while back.
I desperately need a job now. My confidence is v.high and I feel its time to reenter this big bad world.
I do have a degree in maths and computing and would love to put that to use. I hoped i'd be able to complete my teaching degree but have missed out on this years enrolment but am seriously considering next year. In the meantime I;m looking to seek employment which will help finance things should I decide to go to uni nxt year.

If anyone out there reads this and feels they would like to give me a chance I would love to hear from you. I'm very interested in anything I.T related and would make a strong addtion to any workforce. You'd be getting a hard working, intelligent guy who is very dedicated and willing to learn. Many thanks.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

More Pictures

I've just added my latest set of pictures taken at approx 14 weeks and come on the back of another AAM.
I've lost another 4lbs to add to my total.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Haven't posted in ages

Hi all, I haven't posted in ages, I apologise to anyone who visits this blog.

Nearly a whole month has passed and I have lost around 24lbs during this time. I stuck to the SSing programme although I have now introduced a cheat to my diet - I add chopped lettuce to my soups. I've been doing this for some weeks and this doesn't seem to have any adverse affect on my weight loss.(still averaging around 6.5lbs per week)

My total weight loss to date is 90.5 lbs and have dropped 11 inches from my waist. I didn't bother to take any other measurements during my diet cos for me its all about the scales. I know I'm shrinking (not in all areas thankfully :)) and don't really need measurements to tell me that. My clothing has shrunk from 4-5xl in t-shirt to bordering on a 2xl and I now wear 42inch waist jeans( do them up under my belly). Before all my trousers were elasticated!! Even my feet have shrunk from a 9 to a 8.5.
I'm currently getting some great responses from people I haven't seen in ages which makes it all worth while. I can't wait until xmas - this is often a time i see family friends I haven't seen for months, I'll enjoy being the centre of attention (not something I would usually enjoy).
All in all its been a good month despite the weather. I had a good holiday and am generally feel much better about muyself and life in general.
Onwards and upwards.....

Saturday, 4 August 2007

10th weigh in

Lost only half a pound last week whilst on my second add a meal week, although I did lose another half inch from my waist which was some consellation.

I think I ate too much during AAM i..e had 2 serving spoons of veg instead of 2 tbsps, and had larger pieces of chicken then was recommended.

This meant I probably came out of ketosis, although having said that its been 3 days since my last weigh in and I'm back in the swing of sole sourcing.

My CDC is away for a week and then I'm off on my hols for a week so there will be a 3 week wait till my next weigh in. This should mean a good loss when I do finally get on those scales!!

Been hot today and have the AC machine on indoors. I cannot understand why I suffered for so many years in the heat especially at night when all the time an AC machine was the answer. So if anyone is feeling the heat, go and pick up an aircon machine. There great!!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

9th weigh in

Lost another 5lbs.

Total loss 4 stone 8lbs.

I have added new photos to my slide. The first set was taken at the beginning, 2nd set after 5 weeks and third set after 10 weeks.

Feeling good this week after my second add a meal week. Have enjoyed the food enormously. I have another weigh in tomorrow. That will be my final weigh in for 3 weeks as first my CDC then I go on holiday.

I will try to resist the temptation of weighing on my scales during the next 3 weeks and will stick religously to my diet whilst on my hols. This should mean I'll see a great loss when I jump on the scales in a few weeks.

Will probably post again after my holidays.

Monday, 23 July 2007